On the occasion of the Lagos Court of Arbitration (“LCA”) First International ADR Summit, Sophie Nappert and Hafez Virjee were invited to deliver a Masterclass on “The future of arbitration in technology”, which took place on 17 September 2019.  Hafez’s contribution focused on blockchains and smart contracts.  The following post has been adapted from his original presentation, while keeping some of the conversational style, and a few references have been added for clarity and/or to explore the topic further. [1] . For starters, how relevant is blockchain to international arbitration?  It’s potentially a source of new disputes.  It might also become a medium in the resolution of disputes, especially those arising from smart contracts.  Evidence recorded on a blockchain can’t be … Read More


DELOS-Y HELD ITS SIGNATURE BREAKFAST EVENT, ON 11 OCTOBER 2019, AT LENZ & STAEHELIN, IN GENEVA This innovative event format gives the floor to a new generation of arbitration practitioners, typically referred to as ‘mid-levels’, so that they may share their experience with the youngest members of the community and provide perspective on the early stages of a career in international arbitration. The event has been designed for master’s level students, interns and trainees who are considering a career in international arbitration, to give them the opportunity to meet with mid-level practitioners at some of the most prestigious practices, ranging from the large international firms to boutiques. Prior editions of this event have been held in London and Paris. Our … Read More