Demystifying quantum and expert evidence – workshop series


To help arbitrators — present and aspiring — to deal with these challenges effectively, EY, together with the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge Young Practitioners Subcommittee and ArbitralWomen, with support from the Rising Arbitrators Initiative, is hosting a virtual workshop series. The series will give you an understanding of the key aspects of quantum and expert evidence, the drivers of differences between experts, and the options available to narrow down and/or resolve the differences. When experts disagree — Business valuations This session will focus on the reasons why experts, working on opposite sides of a dispute, may form different opinions. The discussion will centre on a business valuation case study where participants will have the opportunity to apply business valuation … Read More

YSIAC Webinar: In a Fishbowl with Kiran and Johan


Join us for a fishbowl discussion with our two guest panellists, Kiran N. Gore and Johan Wong, for a wide-ranging chat on the hottest arbitration topics and career tips, with a spotlight on Singapore and the Americas. Members of the audience can volunteer to be the third panellist (video function must be turned on if selected). Interested participants should submit their details in the registration form for the moderators’ consideration. Audience members are also encouraged to send in questions for the panellists in advance. Join SIAC for the above event on 23 July at 2pm CEST/ 8pm SGT. Register here.

SIAC Africa Webinar: Effectively Managing International Arbitration Disputes – The SIAC Advantage


Africa is a diverse continent offering huge potential for growth, attracting global investors with its human and natural resources. With the world’s largest free trade area, the Continent is poised to chart a new development path, and to become a bigger player in the global economy. The international nature of investments and projects will result in disputes that present unique challenges and concerns. Companies, businesses and investors alike will therefore benefit from a viable and efficient dispute resolution mechanism to support these investments and projects. International arbitration has become the preferred mode of dispute resolution for cross-border disputes. The SIAC Arbitration Rules provide parties with a state-of-the art procedural framework for the efficient, expert and enforceable resolution of international disputes … Read More

SIAC Philippines Webinar: Strategies for an Efficient Virtual Hearing: Considerations for Counsel and Arbitrators

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In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, an increasing number of arbitral hearings involving Filipino parties has been held virtually to ensure the expeditious resolution of disputes. With the transition from in-person hearings to virtual hearings, counsel should consider the legal framework for virtual hearings, and also the strategic and technical issues involved in the preparation and conduct of evidentiary hearings. Arbitrators should also consider issues of due process and allow all parties a fair and reasonable opportunity to present their cases so that the integrity of the arbitral proceedings and the eventual award are protected. Join us for this webinar as leading Filipino and Singaporean international arbitration practitioners and arbitrators share practical tips and guidance on the conduct of … Read More

SIAC North East Asia Webinar: Arbitrating Gas Price Review Disputes in Asia

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The Asia-Pacific region leads the world in exports and imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG). For the last three decades, long-term LNG pricing contracts in Asia have consistently included price review clauses, and pricing disputes arising out of these clauses are becoming more frequent. While firmly established in Europe, the use of international arbitration to resolve LNG price review disputes is gaining momentum in Asia now. Price review arbitrations are high stakes and highly specialised. Small price adjustments can have a significant financial impact in the long term and cases frequently involve jurisdictional hurdles, complex contract interpretation, and technical expert evidence. In this webinar – one of the first dedicated to gas pricing disputes in Asia – experts will discuss … Read More

SIAC-SIMC Japan Webinar: International Arbitration and Mediation: Complementary Systems to Preserve Business Relationships and Effectively Resolve Disputes

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Arbitration and mediation are important dispute resolution mechanisms for cross-border transactions. With the recent entry into force of the Singapore Convention on Mediation, international mediation will take on even greater significance as mediated settlements gain broad international enforceability. This webinar will discuss how arbitration and mediation can help parties preserve their business relationships while ensuring effective and efficient dispute resolution. With a particular focus on cross-border disputes involving Japanese parties, experienced panellists will discuss the key benefits of arbitration and mediation, the SIAC-SIMC Arb-Med-Arb Protocol, tactical considerations when using multi-tiered dispute resolution, and the use of experts in both proceedings. Join SIAC for the above event on 8 June at 10am CEST/ 4pm SGT. Register here.

SIAC India Webinar: Choice of a Foreign Seat by Indian parties: Rationale, Advantages and Learnings

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Party autonomy is considered the cornerstone of arbitration. However, the application of party autonomy in the context of the choice of a foreign seat of arbitration by two Indian parties was previously mired in uncertainty. This issue now appears to have been settled by the Supreme Court of India in its recent decision of PASL Wind Solutions Private Limited v. GE Power Conversion India Private Limited where it decided this issue in favour of party autonomy. This decision opens the door for Indian parties to choose a foreign seat for their arbitrations. In this webinar, leading arbitration practitioners will discuss the above Indian Supreme Court decision, as well as the considerations, advantages and disadvantages involved in the selection by Indian … Read More

2021 International Arbitration Survey Asia-Pacific Launch

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HKIAC is pleased to partner with White & Case to launch the results of the 5th Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and White & Case International Arbitration Survey on 18 May 2021 at 3:00pm (Hong Kong Time). Join us to explore how international arbitration has adapted, and may continue to adapt further.   Join HKIAC and White & Case for the above event on 18 May at 9am CEST/ 3pm HKT. Register here.

YSIAC-CIArb YMG Webinar: Popular or Polar Opposites? Perceptions about Arbitration Practice from the US and Singapore

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Our panellists will exchange perspectives about the practice of arbitration from (almost) opposite ends of the globe, focusing on how clients and lawyers in the US and in Singapore perceive arbitration. The discussion will range from the substantive (e.g., the effectiveness of arbitration for dispute resolution, as compared to litigation and alternatives like mediation, the enforceability of arbitral awards, and Singapore common law versus US common law practice in various areas of arbitration such as disclosure and confidentiality) to the day-to-day (e.g., what the life of an arbitration associate is like in both places, what networking is like, etc). Join YSIAC-CIArb YMG for the above event on 7 May at 3am CEST/ 9am SGT. Register here.

CADRIn Academy – ADR Advocacy – Arbitration

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Designed to raise awareness amongst lawyers and counsel, with reference to the professional challenges, opportunities and incentives that stem from the use of commercial ADR, including key benefits for clients. Through participative exercises, case studies and role-plays to maximise learning, delegates will be equipped with the skills necessary to better represent their commercial clients in arbitration and mediation, maximise the advantages of these processes and be fully appraised of the requirements of current civil justice practice. To accommodate for the usual time pressures on most attorneys, these programs will be delivered in four half-day sessions (per track – arbitration and mediation), running over the course of two months. Places are limited to 20 participants per track. Please book early here … Read More