Delos is establishing a new, modern and reasonably-priced hearing centre in London. According to the GAR-CIArb Seat Index for London (2018), “London would benefit from even more capacity” for hearing facilities and is falling short “in the face of competition from newer centres that offer … state-of-the-art hearing facilities.”

This initiative is known as 'LONDAP' for 'London Delos ADR Place'. The name reflects the fact that, in addition to hearing facilities, LONDAP will also include a conference centre for use by the international arbitration community, and offices for Delos. LONDAP will be run by a well-known operator and the plan is to open the space in the first half of 2020.

To ensure that LONDAP is a best-in-class facility, Delos has appointed a Design Committee, chaired by Gary Born and Anneliese Day QC. The Design Committee has in turn created a survey for the arbitration community globally to share its views and experience about what makes a successful hearing centre. The deadline for filling out the survey is Friday 19 July 2019.

These design efforts are part of a larger goal of ensuring that LONDAP is a community asset, both for the benefit of the global IA community and owned by it. The shareholding (and dividends) model follows the example of other hearing centres, save that LONDAP seeks to bring together the global community rather than just that in London, and to make the opportunity available to younger practitioners as well with tickets starting at £5,000. This is part of Delos's broader philosophy of serving the community across all arbitration hubs, both large and the lesser-known ones, and of bringing together its different generations.

Finally, as part of Delos’s goal to improve efficiency in arbitration, the hearing centre will include an access programme for smaller disputes and more modest users. Indeed, access to justice is not solely about providing an efficient arbitration system for the resolution of disputes; it also requires access to well-equipped and affordable facilities.

Further information

The LONDAP initiative was announced by Delos on 4 May 2019 and reported on by the Global Arbitration Review (GAR) in its 3 May 2019 article "Delos founder moves to London", by the Global Legal Post in its 7 May 2019 article "London to get new disputes hearing centre" and by Law360 in its 8 May 2019 article "Delos Prez Leaves Dechert To Focus On London Efforts".

Enquiries: londap@delosdr.org.