LONDAP brings to you a full-service offering for all of your arbitration hearing needs, internationally. Whether it is a fully virtual hearing, a conventional in-person hearing, or a combination of the two, you can make a single booking and we will take care of the rest; and if your requirements change, we will change with them. Find out more below, by e-mail or by filling out a booking form. Find out here about our access initiative for smaller value disputes.

LONDAP offers best-in-class services, either as standalone components or as package solutions, to meet users' needs, wherever they may be. LONDAP works with leading industry providers, particularly Epiq, Law In Order and Opus 2, to provide you with transcription services, electronic presentation of evidence (EPE), electronic bundles, interpretation and live broadcasts: find out more below.


LONDAP and its strategic partners offer hearing premises in all major arbitration hubs around the world. We work with the best, most conveniently located facilities that can be customised to your specific arbitration requirements at the most competitive price.

The daily cost (excl. VAT, setup, catering, which can also be arranged, and the additional services described below) typically varies between a total for both sides of approximately EUR 2000-2500 depending on the specific needs of the hearing.

We are also building out our new premises in the heart of the arbitration world in London and expect to take bookings there for your London-based hearing needs shortly. Find out more here.


Also known as fully remote hearings, these hearings do not have one main physical venue standing as the hearing centre. Instead, participants connect remotely from several locations.

This is a cloud-based comprehensive audio/video-conferencing solution, including secure break-out rooms, virtual venue locking, private chat functionality and screen-sharing. As part of the service we will accompany you on setup, testing and managing the virtual hearing venue during the hearing.

For a smooth experience, we offer you a choice of the most appropriate services for your hearing and make sure everything is set up and tested beforehand. We provide data privacy and security in a user-friendly manner. Furthermore, throughout the hearing, an operator is available to avoid the hearing participants getting distracted by the technology and to troubleshoot any issues.

The daily cost (excl. VAT, setup and the additional services described below) typically varies between a total for both sides of approximately EUR 1500-2000 depending on the specific needs of the hearing.


Increasingly in present times, we are being asked for a mix between fully virtual or remote hearings and fully in-person hearings. A hybrid hearing allows for maximum flexibility by accommodating those who can attend in person with those who cannot. All of the above services can be adapted to cater for all of the varieties of semi-remote, hybrid and mixed venue hearings, including finding suitable locations, connecting them up and converting hearings or part of the setup from one format to another. LONDAP's offering is comprehensive.


As a one-stop solution, LONDAP can arrange the following for your hearing, notably with its experienced technology providers Epiq, Law In Order and Opus 2:

  • Transcription services. Users can choose between real-time (i.e. live transcript), end-of-day and next day solutions. We can put everything into place, seek quotes and even arrange for users' usual (independent) court reporters to provide these services. In a virtual setting, the transcript can be synchronised with the audio recording of the hearing.
  • Electronic presentation of evidence (EPE). An experienced EPE operator will take care of displaying and navigating the evidence whenever required during the hearing. This may be in support of oral submissions by showing the evidence called by counsel; it can also help make cross-examinations more effective by seamlessly presenting the evidence under discussion, and enlarging and/or highlighting the passages referred to by counsel or the tribunal. Documents can be displayed side-by-side, annotated and the annotations saved in order to be added to the record.
  • Electronic bundles. This allows you to access all of your case documents, the record, the transcript and the presentation of evidence during the hearing all in one single connected environment, from within the security of your private workspace.
  • Interpretation. Whether your hearing requires simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, this can be arranged even in a fully virtual setting. We can also assist with identifying suitable interpreters.
  • Live broadcast. There are instances where counsel need the hearing to be broadcast securely to their teams not present at the hearing, or where access needs to be provided to the general public. This and variations can all be arranged.

In addition to the above, it may also be possible to arrange for equipment rental. This can be discussed at the time of making a booking.

For enquiries, please contact Justin Kaplan, LONDAP Director, at londap-booking@delosdr.org or fill out our booking form.


'LONDAP' stands for the 'London Delos Arbitration Point'. It has benefited from the support of its Design Committee chaired by Gary Born and Anneliese Day QC, and composed of leading members of the international arbitration community. LONDAP further builds on Delos's thought-leadership on hearings in times of COVID-19.

Gary Born, Anneliese Day QC and Hafez Virjee are running a survey on users' views and experiences with remote hearings: we encourage you to fill it out; it will remain open until Friday 3 July 2020.

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