Updated list of safe seats

PRESS RELEASE OF 4 JULY 2018 Delos is pleased to share the updated list below of safe seats recommended in its model clauses. The updates, together with a light revision of the Rules, came into force on 1 July 2018, and are available in English, French and Spanish. The 32 safe seats are as follows: Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Auckland (New Zealand); Berlin (Germany); Calgary (Canada); Copenhagen (Denmark); Frankfurt (Germany); Geneva (Switzerland); The Hague (The Netherlands); Hamburg (Germany); Helsinki (Finland); Hong Kong (PRC); Lisbon (Portugal); London (UK); Madrid (Spain); Miami (USA); Montreal (Canada); Munich (Germany); New York (USA); Oslo (Norway); Ottawa (Canada); Paris (France); Port Louis (Mauritius); Porto (Portugal); Rotterdam (The Netherlands); Seoul (South Korea); Singapore (Singapore); Stockholm (Sweden); Sydney (Australia); Toronto (Canada); Vancouver (Canada); Vienna (Austria); and Zurich (Switzerland). In line with this updated list of safe seats, Article 5 of the Delos Rules of Arbitration now provides that “If the … Read More