Version of 9 September 2020 [1]


The table below compiles relevant resources on remote and virtual arbitration and mediation hearings, organised under the following headings: (i) Guidance & Checklists; (ii) Protocols; (iii) Model Procedural Orders; (iv) Webinar Recordings; and (v) Other Resources. If you have additional resources to recommend, please write to us at tech-channel@delosdr.org. If you are looking for assistance with planning or booking a remote or virtual hearing, you can do so with LONDAP.




AAA-ICDR April 2020 Virtual Hearing Guide for Arbitrators and Parties
AAA-ICDR April 2020 Virtual Hearing Guide for Arbitrators and Parties Utilizing ZOOM
Prof. Mohamed ABDEL WAHAB 6 May 2020 What if parties don't agree on a virtual hearing? A pandemic pathway [requires a GAR subscription] – Nominated for the GAR Pandemic Response Award
CEPANI 16 June 2020 Oral Hearings In Times Of COVID-19 Flexibility First! [starts at p. 5]
CIArb 8 April 2020 Guidance Note on Remote Dispute Resolution Proceedings
Corrs Chambers Westgarth 24 June 2020 Five Practical Steps to Ensure Due Process During Virtual Hearings
Debevoise 10 June 2020 Debevoise & Plimpton LLP Checklist for Arbitrations Impacted by COVID-19
Delos 20 March 2020 Checklist on holding arbitration and mediation hearings in times of COVID-19 (v2) [see at B6] [see here in Chinese] – Nominated for the GAR Pandemic Response Award
English Admin. Law Bar Assn. 5 May 2020 Guidance to Advocates on Remote Hearings
English Court of Protection Bar Assn. 8 April 2020 Guidance on Effective Remote Hearings
FINRA 2020 Arbitrator Resource Guide for Virtual Hearings
Rupert Hamilton and Paul Baker 22 June 2020 Advocacy in Virtual Arbitration Hearings – A Practical Guide
HCCH 16 April 2020 1970 Evidence Convention – Guide to Good Practice – The Use of Video-Link
HM Courts & Tribunal Services (UK) 1 May 2020 (updated) Video hearings: guidance for legal professionals
HM Courts & Tribunal Services (UK) 1 May 2020 (updated) Guidance Telephone and video hearings during coronavirus outbreak
IBA Oct. 2018 Cyber Security Guidelines
ICC 9 April 2020 Guidance Note on Possible Measures Aimed at Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic – Nominated for the GAR Pandemic Response Award
ICODR April 2020 Video Arbitration Guidelines
ICODR April 2020 Video Mediation Guidelines
The Inns of Court College of Advocacy April 2020 Principles for Remote Advocacy
Malaysian Bar 29 April 2020 Remote Hearing Protocol - Practice and Procedures [see from Part 7 onwards]
MNUL & CAR June 2020 Virtual Arbitration in India – A Practical Guide
Ontario E-Hearings Task Force 13 May 2020 Best Practices for Remote Hearings
Prof. Maxi SCHERER 20 May 2020 Remote Hearings in International Arbitration: An Analytical Framework
Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP 13 April 2020 Virtual Hearings in International Arbitration Checklist
SIAC 31 August 2020 Taking Your Arbitration Remote
Singapore Academy of Law 10 June 2020 Virtual Hearings Without Tears
UNCITRAL April 2017 Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution
Prof. Janet WALKER May 2020 Virtual Hearing Room Checklist [see here on GAR for a more detailed version of the same; requires a subscription]


Africa Arbitration Academy April 2020 Protocol on Virtual Hearings in Africa – Nominated for the GAR Pandemic Response Award
Hogan Lovells April 2020 Protocol for the Use of technology in Virtual International Arbitration Hearings
KCAB 18 March 2020 Seoul Protocol on Video Conference in International Arbitration – Nominated for the GAR Pandemic Response Award
VIAC June 2020 The Vienna Protocol – A Practical Checklist for Remote Hearings


AAA ICDR April 2020 Order and Procedures for a Virtual Hearing via Videoconference
ACICA 16 Aug. 2016 Draft Procedural Order for Use of Online Dispute Resolution Technologies in ACICA Rules Arbitrations
Stephanie COHEN 14 April 2020 Draft Zoom Hearing Procedural Order [requires a TDM subscription]
CPR April 2020 Annotated Model Procedural Order for Remote Video Arbitration Proceedings
ICC 9 April 2020 Guidance Note on Possible Measures Aimed at Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic [See Annex II for “Suggested Clauses for Cyber-Protocols and Procedural Orders Dealing with the Organisation of Virtual Hearings”]
Practical Law Arbitration - Procedural Order for Video Conference Arbitration Hearings
Richard F. ZIEGLER 9 April 2020 Draft Procedural Order to Govern Virtual Arbitration Proceedings [requires a TDM subscription]


4-5 Gray's Inn Square 6 May 2020 Podcast: Virtual arbitration
4-5 Gray's Inn Square 30 May 2020 Podcast: Virtual mediation
ADR Institute of Alberta 22 July 2020 Getting Ready for a Virtual Hearing
AmCham Perú 12 May 2020 Arbitration Unplugged Series: "Virtual Hearings: Present or Future?"
AMINZ-AUT 31 May 2020 Arbitration via audio-visual link: challenges and tips for success
ASA 18 June 2020 Virtual Hearings in International Arbitration – Key Challenges and Emerging Best Practices
Beale & Co 1 July 2020 Virtual Arbitrations in the UAE
California Lawyers Association (CLA) 11 June 2020 Mastering Remote Advocacy - Managing Challenges and Embracing Opportunities
CML Arbitration 18 June 2020 International Investment Arbitration in the Age of Coronavirus [Incl. the topic of virtual hearings] [in Spanish]
Dechert LLP 28 May 2020 COVID-19 Coronavirus International Arbitration Impact: Remote Hearings: fair or foul?
Essex Court Chambers 27 July 2020 How to Win Virtual Arbitration Hearings
Fenwick Elliott 15 May 2020 Virtual Hearings & Virtual Mediations: the future of dispute resolution?
Gray's Inn 12 June 2020 Virtual Hearings Commercial Trials & International Arbitration
HKA 13 May 2020 Expert Evidence in a Virtual Era
HK45 2 June 2020 HK45 webinar: Can Virtual Hearings Actually Work?
HKIAC 15 May 2020 Virtual hearings: How best to proceed? HKIAC insights
ICDR Young & International 5 June 2020 The Art of e-Advocacy: Persuasion in a World of Virtual Hearings
ICDR Young & International 24 June 2020 Online Debate – Virtual Hearings and Cybersecurity in International Arbitration
ICSID 4 May 2020 The Art and Science of a Virtual Hearing
JAMS 6 May 2020 Keep It Moving: Using Videoconferencing to Settle Your Mediations
Mexican Bar Association 16 May 2020 The Future of International Arbitration: Virtual Hearings and AI-Arbitrators
Miles Mediation & Arbitration 10 April 2020 Navigating the World of Virtual Mediation and Arbitration: 25 Actionable Tips
NAM 1 April 2020 An Introduction to the Use of Video Conferencing Technology for Arbitration and Mediation
Pump Court Chambers 1 July 2020 Judging and Advocacy in Virtual Court Hearings – An International Experience
Russian Arbitration Center 15 May 2020 Arbitration on the Eve of the New Era
SIAC 21 April 2020 Strategies for Running an Efficient Virtual Hearing: A Guide for Arbitrators
SIAC 22 April 2020 Virtual Hearings: Contemporary Perspectives – Part 1
SIAC 30 April 2020 Strategies for Effective Oral Advocacy & Cross-Examination for Virtual Hearings: A Guide for Counsel
SIAC 15 June 2020 Virtual Hearings: Contemporary Perspectives - Part 2: Asia
SIAC 19 June 2020 Virtual Hearings: Contemporary Perspectives - Part 3: Middle East, Africa and Europe
SIAC 2 July 2020 Virtual Hearings: Contemporary Perspectives - Part 4: Americas
SCC 22 April 2020 Online services in arbitration [in Russian]
SCC 29 April 2020 Online hearings against the wish of one party
SCC 5 May 2020 Online hearings from a Swedish perspective [in Swedish]
Ukrainian Arbitration Association 20 May 2020 Guerrilla tactics in online hearings
YSIAC 15 May 2020 Virtual Mock Hearing: Cross-Examination
YSIAC 1 June 2020 COVID 19: Mock Virtual Hearing On Key Procedural Issues


Delos - Remote Oral Advocacy Programme (ROAP)
DLA Piper 14 May 2020 Virtual Hearings Report
FINRA 2020 Zoom Training Videos for Arbitrators
HCCH 4 May 2020 COVID-19 Toolkit [Incl. notes on apostilles (authentication of public documents), service of documents and taking of evidence, and international commercial contracts (with reference to the Hague Conventions on Choice of Court (2005), Judgments (2019) and Principles on Choice of Law (2015)]
IBA March 2019 Technology Resources for Arbitration Practitioners
ICC July 2016 Managing E-Document Production
ICCA-NYC Bar-CPR 23 November 2019 2020 Protocol on Cybersecurity in International Arbitration
Remote Courts - Remote Courts Worldwide [Compiles information globally on initiatives taken by national courts to offer remote hearings]
SCC and Thomson Reuters May 2020 Ad Hoc Platform – Powered by the SCC [Platform for the online administration of proceedings made available for free for arbitrations registered up until 31 Dec. 2020]
Sophie Nappert & Mihaela Apostol 17 July 2020 Healthy Virtual Hearings
Virtual Arbitration 28 May 2020 Virtual Arbitration [Compiles articles and information on virtual arbitration hearings] – Winner of the GAR Pandemic Response Award
Wakely Mediation 20 August 2020 How to Participate in a Zoom Mediation – An Illustrated Guide
World Clock Meeting Planner - World Clock Meeting Planner [Tool which helps finding the best time across multiple time zones]


[1] By Mihaela Apostol and Hafez R Virjee for the Delos Tech Channel. This compilation was first published on 12 May 2020.