As part of Delos’s goal to improve access to and efficiency in arbitration, LONDAP is launching an access initiative to cater for arbitrations with a total amount in dispute of up to EUR 5 million (i.e. Tier 1 of the Delos Time and Costs Schedules). Indeed, access to justice is not solely about providing an efficient arbitration system for the resolution of disputes: it also requires access to suitable and affordable facilities.

For conventional in person hearings, through LONDAP's developed network of facility providers, we can arrange for appropriate hearing space to cater for most budgets in all major arbitration hubs around the world, starting at a daily cost (excl. VAT, setup, catering and the additional services described here) starting at about EUR 600 in total for both sides.

For fully virtual hearings, LONDAP will offer a 20% discount on its virtual hearing services (see here, i.e. excl. the additional services described here).

The above offerings can naturally be combined for hybrid hearings.

These offerings will be run as a pilot and reviewed over the summer on the basis of the preliminary findings from Gary Born, Anneliese Day QC and Hafez Virjee's survey on users' views and experiences with remote hearings. You can fill out the survey here; it will remain open until Friday 3 July 2020.

For enquiries, please contact Justin Kaplan, LONDAP Director, at londap-booking@delosdr.org or fill out our booking form and indicate in the final section the amount in dispute of your case.