Delos was established in 2014 to respond to the needs of businesses globally for time and cost efficiency in the resolution of disputes through arbitration.

This followed extensive research and discussions prompted by and with start-ups, accelerators, SMEs and corporate and arbitration practitioners beginning in 2012. A key finding was the need for accessible and effective arbitration for disputes in the EUR 0-10 million range particularly, in order to reduce transactional risks and support business growth. More recent feedback has also pointed to the need for greater efficiency in the EUR 10m-100m range.  These findings are consistent with those of the international arbitration surveys of Queen Mary University of London (see, e.g., 2006 and 2015), which highlighted time and cost as being among the worst characteristics of arbitration.

Delos provides a prize-winninginnovative, systematic solution, starting from the contract-making stage through to the issuing of the final award in case of arbitration. Delos is available universally, for all types of arbitrable disputes, regardless of the governing law or location of the parties or the dispute, and combines quality and flexibility with time and cost efficiency.

Through Delos, users gain access to:

  • model clauses in English, French and Spanish, to facilitate the drafting of dispute resolution / arbitration clauses and governing law clauses;
  • guidance on the choice of a safe seat for their arbitration clause;
  • the registration of their contracts, in case they get misplaced, and for a reduced fee schedule in the event of arbitration;
  • model documents in English, French and Spanish to guide the parties in a user-friendly manner through the initial steps of an arbitration;
  • Rules of Arbitration in English, French and Spanish to enable a fair and expeditious proceeding at proportionate cost;
  • a pool of knowledgeable arbitrators, experienced to conduct proceedings proactively and to focus promptly on the core issues in dispute; and
  • a responsive and dynamic independent and impartial institution overseeing the process – Delos.

Delos is also actively engaged in the international arbitration community (see our events, for example) and is committed to providing in-house, corporate and arbitration practitioners with practical, effective insights (such as the Delos Guide to Arbitration Places, known as the 'GAP').

Finally, for detailed commentary on Delos arbitration, please refer to Hafez R Virjee's article Activating Arbitration (Delos, 2017) (also available in a Spanish translation, under the title Activación de Arbitraje (Delos, 2017).